Mon, 03 Mar 2008

Belgian geeks and the future of the internet.

I stumbled across Scapy a while ago. I've been looking for an good place to use it since.
Today I gave up an just threw together a little script to test DNS names for IPv6 entries. The blogs on seemed like a good place to start. After all, Belgium's foremost bloggers should be the first to support IPv6.

There are 69 blogs registered on Guess how many have an IPv6 address. Go on, I'll wait while you're counting.

All done? You're wrong. It's one.

Congratulations to 2002:6f8:303:1::1. I'm disappointed in the rest of you. More in some than others.

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Posted by Philip Paeps at Mon Jul 28 13:23:49 2008 was IPv6-reachable from June 2003 until September 2007.  Then I moved the webserver to a jail(8) and haven't had time to patch my kernel to enable IPv6 in jails.

The machine does have an IPv6 prefix.  The jails just can't have it.

My mail, of course, never touches the IPv4 internet if it can avoid it. ;-)  Check your headers...





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