Sun, 12 Dec 2010

Change is a constant

Just in case I haven't told everyone yet, I'll be leaving my current employer mid January. From then on I'll be freelancing. I've already got a website and everything. (Well, not everything. In fact, just the website, but the rest is being worked on.)

Why? Well, two reasons really, the first is that a really interesting project and the second is the bad influence of a few friends.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, ...
Well, you should probably call the A-Team, but you've got a software problem you should call me. The A-Team doesn't know anything about software.

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Posted by Paul Cobbaut at Mon Dec 13 02:11:50 2010

"founded in January of 2011"

Behold the past present progressive future tense ;-)

Good luck!

Posted by Philip Paeps at Mon Dec 13 11:59:56 2010

It's about time. ;-)

Posted by Bad Influence at Mon Dec 13 19:16:22 2010

About time indeed! Best of luck with it, too. And if you need assistance with web design, my partners-in-crime are pretty good at that sort of thing */shameless plug*

Posted by Jeroen De Wachter at Wed Dec 15 16:46:29 2010

Best of luck to ya, mate :-)





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