Sun, 21 Aug 2011

World IPv6 day

A little while ago (well, a long while, but I've been busy) the Internet Society organised World IPv6 day.

I'm not going to bother explaining what that was about, I'm sure everyone knows by now. Instead, I'm going to complain about a little experiment I did more than three years ago. Hopefully all the buzz around World IPv6 day and the IANA pool exhaustion has encouraged a few more people to offer their blog over modern IPv6, in addition to crusty old IPv4.

The results are, ... well, results. Three years ago there was one blog in Planet Grep which was reachable on the IPv6 internet. This blog is still there (though with a different IP) and there's all of four more. That's 5 out of 69, or 7.24%.
Just for fun I reran the test on the current list of blogs on Planet Grep. 7 of 97 sites, or 7.21% have an IPv6 address.
Not exactly great that. On the bright side: at least the sites which advertise quad-A records are indeed reachable on those addresses, and the one site which had an IPv6 address back in 2008 still has one.

Come on guys (and girls obviously), we can do better than this.

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