Tue, 12 Oct 2010

Don't lie to me!

while toying with my little project I decided that things would be much simpler if I could netboot the board. Unfortunately the bootloader does not provide this functionality. U-boot can do this, so we'll just be evil and have the native bootloader (which I can't upgrade) boot U-boot, and have U-boot load the FreeBSD kernel (While I'm on the subject: I've gotten it to boot again.).

While adding support for my board I ran into the following error message:

	make: *** No rule to make target `ts7800_config'.  Stop.
Clearly I forgot to add something in the makefiles. After an hour of fruitless makefile reading I discovered the cause: a little shell script to generate the configuration. The mkconfig script searches a file I hadn't edited yet. Here's the relevant code:
     line=`egrep -i "^[[:space:]]*${2}[[:space:]]" boards.cfg` || {
                echo "make: *** No rule to make target \`$2_config'.  Stop." >&2
		exit 1  
Can you spot what upset me?
Don't lie to me when reporting errors! If it hadn't pretended to be make I'd have found the problem instantly.

Now to get U-boot to actually start...

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