Thu, 12 Mar 2009


The random numbers 0x136e0f48, 0x3387ba79 and ox1fe7cd79 brought to you free of change by a "true random number generator".
Money back if not completely random.

So, in other words: a while ago I bought this.

It's a TS-7800 with a Marvell Orion5x chip which has hardware crypto, SATA support, a harware watchdog and various other goodies.

Most of the on-chip and peripheral hardware already works but some small things still need work. The watchdog didn't compile so I gave fixing that a try. The result is a temporary workaround for now, and a proper fix by Thomas Reitmayr for later. My attempt was NAKed because Thomas was first and, mostly, because his fix was better.

I'm working on the hardware random number generator now. As you can guess from the start of this post I seem to have gotten it to work. The patch isn't quite ready for submission yet but I'll be sure to bore you all about it when it is.

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