Mon, 01 Sep 2008

Hulk smash!


You'll be able to tell the people with experience in the area. They're either curled up under the desk whimpering softly, drinking all the ethanol they can find or trying to attack their computer in a blind rage. I've just had the pleasure of dealing with it myself. Amazingly I've had to download a 223MB driver pack from Dell to get it to work somewhat.
Then there's the application that insists on trying to use a driver that's no longer present on the system. And complaining every. Single. Fucking. Time. I try to use it.

The printer is a Dell 3110cn which seems to support just about anything ever used for printing since Urgh carved a rude picture in a rock.
Nevertheless using it from windows seems to require the sacrifice of a black goat. At full moon. With a silver knife.

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