Sat, 20 Jun 2009

Alps: Day 4 (13-06-2009): Chur - Munchen

Started: 08:30
Arrival: 18:30
Distance ~400 km
Weather: Too hot.

I left Chur a bit earlier than usual as I had a lot of distance to cover.

The plan was to ride through Davos and the Stelvio pass. Yes, the one you've seen on Top Gear. Unfortunately the GPS got a little confused around Davos and started to send me in circles. I passed through the same 5km tunnel 4 times.

Finally I gave up on the GPS and just followed the signs to the Fuella pass. This didn't quite lead me to Stelvio but it did turn out to be a shorter route to Austria (and then to Munchen).
It turns out I was really, really close to the Stelvio pass too. That should teach me to plan these trips a little better.

Riding though Austria was fairly uneventful though also quite beautiful.
Crossing the border into Germany there was again no customs station. There was a sign even though it wasn't really needed. The Austrian part of that road had no crash barrier, as soon as it became a German road there was a solid, concrete crash barrier. Sort of tells you everything doesn't it?

I'm in Munchen for two days. The plan is to visit the Deutsches museum. According to John Graham-Cumming and his Geek Atlas it's one of the largest and best science museums in the world. Even if it isn't it's bound to be worth a visit.

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