Sat, 20 Jun 2009

Alps: Day 3 (12-06-2009): Sion - Chur

Started: 09:00
Arrival: 18:00
Distance ~400 km
Weather: Too hot.

Leaving Sion the SatNav sent me through the valley for about 50 km. I was getting worried it would do that through most of Switserland denying me those lonely, twisty mountain roads.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

The route took me from Sion to Chur but I rode through (a bit of) Italy as well. There were border stations this time. It even took me all of 15 seconds to cross the border. The customs guy was talking to someone in a car in front of me. Nobody seems to care who enters or leaves the coutry.

I got a bit of a scare just before lunch when I hit a roch the size of two or three fists with both wheels. The bike remained perfectly stable though, so other than scare me half to death there was no damage.

I was stopped by the Swiss police in the afternoon. I don't know why, probably a routine check. When I pulled over one of the two walked to the back of my bike, noticed the Belgian license plate and waved me on. I guess they either trust Belgians or don't want to deal with our problems.

Arriving in Chur I tried to check in to the Ibis hotel. Tried to, as it was completely full. As was the next hotel I tried. The people at that hotel were kind enough to point me to a few others though and I soon found a room in Hotel Franziskaner.
The restaurant where I had dinner had Erdinger Weissbier so I was happy.

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