Fri, 19 Jun 2009

Alps: Day 2 (11-06-2009): La Bresse - Sion

Started: 10:00
Arrival: 19:30
Distance ~400 km
Weather: Excellent.

I woke up at 07:30 and planned to leave for Sion as soon as possible. The weather stopped me though.
As soon as I opened the curtains I saw rain. Fortunately it cleared up after an hour or so. Waiting a little to start the day longer kept me nice and dry.

Riding towards Switserland I passed through some more nice roads, hills and lots and lots of trees.

There was a little excitement just before lunch just before Morteau, near the Swiss border, as I was running out of fuel and couldn't find a filling station. Finally I did find one with, according to the computer, about 5km left in the tank. Great you'd think, and it would have been if the stupid pump had accepted any of my credit cards. Fortunately there was a manned register which was supposed to open in 15 minutes. I just took out my book and waited.
When the motorcylces thirst had been quenched I found a place to eat for myself.

Shortly afterwards I rode into Switserland, only I didn't notice at first. There was no customs station, and if there was a sign I didn't see it. I figured out I was in Switserland because all the license plates were Swiss.

In the afternoon I passed Lake Geneva (or Lac Leman as the Swiss call it).

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