Wed, 17 Jun 2009

Alps: Day 1 (10-06-2009): Belgium - La Bresse

Started: 09:00
Arrival: 18:30
Distance ~520 km
Weather: Occasional showers, light drizzle to cloudy with hint of sunshine.

Despite the weather forecast I started my trip to the Alps. After about 100km I had to seek shelter from the downpour. About half an hour it had cleared up enough to continue.
A poor start and as a result I stayed on the highway a little longer than usual which lead me to discover a new bit of road (I usually follow more or less the same route to La Bresse) between Arlon and Luxembourg. Quite pretty, lots of trees.

Did lunch in the centre of Luxembourg and continued on the highway to Nancy.
After that I occasionally spotted a bit of clear sky which made the ride a whole lot more pleasant. As usually the last stretch was exhausting but worthwhile. The road between Gerardmer and La Bresse is an absolute joy. After checking in to the hotel I took the 'Route Forestiere des Dix-Sept Kilometres' to Gerardmer. It's a magnificent route right through the woods (and ski slopes). There wasn't any more snow this time.

Now to plan tomorrows drive. I should encounter the first Alp after noon.

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