Sun, 29 Dec 2013


No, I don't use them, but sometimes I send e-mail to people who do. It turns out that they don't like my e-mail. It sends up in the spam bucket.

After finding someone with a little clue who still remembered having a hotmail address I obtained the headers for one of my mails. It had this in it:

Authentication-Results:; spf=temperror ...

The OpenSPF people explain what this means:
Hotmail does not use live DNS for Sender ID. They have a DNS cache that they update twice per day. All TempError means is that your domain's SPF record is not in their cache. To get your record added to their cache, send an e-mail message to with your domain in it. They will add it, but be patient as it's a manual process and the cache only updates twice a day.

It appears that Microsoft don't even understand DNS (or e-mail). Why does that still surprise me?

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